Welcome to Mitsuko Horie's official web site - micchi.net.

We are sorry that the most contents are available in Japanese only and
her CDs, tapes, DVDs, etc. are also available only in Japan.

Mitsuko "micchi" Horie is a great and famous Anime song singer.
Many amimated cartoons are brought from Japan to the world.
Her theme songs and other songs appearing in those shows have been loved
by many people around the world.
She has been singing more than 900 Anime songs!!

This site contains the followings:

profile - her profile starting from her debut time
tomboy - her fan club info page
gallary - her event photos
square - under construction
songs - CDs and DVDs are only available in Japan (listed only a part of them)
den (message board) - this is a message board for visiters
chat - realtime discussion page
Time Capsule - a footmark

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